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Conceived and directed by Jess Goldschmidt and James Rutherford

Performed by Ross Cowan, Jessica MyersCasey Robinson and Jing Xu

Production Design Oona Curley

Design Associate Kimie Nishikawa

Sound Design JT Norton

Stage Manager Valerie Schenkman


Two men batter but don't draw blood. Two women weep but their faces stay dry. What happens when emotions are enacted, not experienced? What makes the fake?


James and Jess are in a relationship. They both cry. She hits things more than he does, but he used to be a well-honed instrument of death. Jess found violence and rage in ballet, keening, orgone therapy. James searched for compassion in martial arts, street fighting, Mongolian wrestling. Apart, they asked four performers what it means to fight as men, to cry as women. Together, they’ve built a two-ring circus of gendered pain welling up with SWEAT & TEARS, two alchemies of salt and water, two body responses to the difficult work of feeling.

Performances: July 22-31






The running time of SWEAT & TEARS is one hour fifteen minutes, without an intermission.

Friday July 22: 8pm

Saturday July 23: 8pm

Sunday July 24: 8pm

Monday July 25: 8pm

Thursday July 28: 8pm

Friday July 29: 8pm

Saturday July 30: 8pm

Sunday July 31: 3pm 

Venue:  JACK — 505 1/2 Waverly Avenue

The theater is wheelchair accessible.

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