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"In M-34's deliberately bleak and trippy adaptation for the theater-in-quarantine era, Michael Gugano reads the letter from what looks like a subterranean storage room in the bowels of some dreary office building, or an alt-right radio personality's doomsday bunker .... Delectably creepy."

— David Kortava, The New Yorker

"It's appropriately Kafkaesque — existential, nightmarish, ambivalent, and oddly compelling"


"Audience members can easily cast themselves in the position of Analyst or Director, choosing angles to observe a frightened, already objectified male .... Director James Rutherford brings the audience into a claustrophobic, flea-ridden catastrophe of a room covered with papers, notes, and archival boxes. "

— Marina Zaccaria, Theater Pizzazz

"The haunting specter of Kafka's father lingers in the air, exacerbating the already claustrophobic nature of the production."

This Week In New York

"James Rutherford's direction nicely varies the camera angles and provides for movement, emphasis, and, especially, periods of quiet.

I sat enraptured by the storytelling and frankly amazed what it produced in my own mind."

— Joe Lombardi, Broadway World


"[The show] is the type of production that you appreciate more the more you think about it.

At its best moments, Rutherford (who directs) finds imaginative ways to visually represent some of Kafka's more compelling ideas."

— Dylan Hoffman, Exeunt NYC

"M-34's Letter To My Father represents a thoughtfully conceived and wonderfully acted example of the innovative forms that virtual theater can take.

.... The letter is a torrent whose outpourings are masterfully dramatized by Guagno in all of their depth and variety of emotion."

— John R Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

"The new show is fancy and looks sleek, but it is unclear what the staging is trying to convey."

— Elizabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

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