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“Rutherford enlivens the source material turning an oft-misunderstood and rarely performed Victorian relic into a vital and relevant parable of criminalized otherness.” — Hyperallergic


"A bold interpretation of one of Oscar Wilde's stranger and more provocative plays …. Salome is a tense journey back into history and legend that is nevertheless forever relevant, reminding us that unchecked desire can lead to ruin, even for the most powerful among us."— Theater is Easy


"Rutherford’s admirable translation stays close to the original, giving us Wilde indeed, flaws and all. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a man who remains one of our most fascinating literary personalities more than a century after his death." — BlogCritics


"This production is terrific, brilliant! James Rutherford directs with surety and conviction. He knows why Wilde wrote that way and he relishes every lavish image, while keeping his actors moving to counter the verbiage. His characters are in apotheoses of emotion. They’re not insane - they’re possessed." — New York Theatre

"Rutherford's new take on the tragedy retains all the grisly aspects of Wilde's play. But he re-imagines it at a slightly different level of vibration." — CurtainUp

"The idea of gaze, how it works, who is allowed to wield it, and how women are supposed to best graciously receive it, is woven throughout this sultry adaptation of Wilde’s controversial and under-performed biblical adaptation." — New York Theater Review

Medium: Interview with Laura Butler Rivera and Feathers Wise. #PersonsOfChange

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