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conceived and directed by Jess Goldschmidt and James Rutherford

at JACK, July 2016

Featuring performances by Ross Cowan, Jess Myers, Casey Robinson and Jing Xu.


Scenery and lights by Oona Curley and associate Kimi-e Nishikawa, sound by JT Norton, stage management by Valerie Shenkman and press representation by Emily Owens PR.



"Sweat & Tears is a playful and prescient investigation of the difficult work of feeling that raises some mind-boggling questions about the nature of gender and theatre. The magic of S&T doesn’t depend on how well the actors fool us with fluids (god forbid). Just the opposite: the hyper-athletic clowns of this circus use physical comedy to debunk gender stereotypes surrounding two alchemical compounds of water and salt."

— Ned Moore, Culturebot



"Sweat & Tears is directed beautifully by Jess Goldschmidt and James Rutherford, their use of space is invigorating, and the arc that they've created between the show's two halves is exciting. The show examines the way we react to the world around us, whether it's by violence or connection, the different ways that men and women process emotions and the uncertainty of the world we live in. It's brilliantly performed and a must for fans of theatre that pushes the boundaries of narrative."

— Ryan Hudak, New York Theater Review


"Imagistic, physically impressive, at some points funny, and at all points challenging."

— Leah Richards & John Ziegler, Culture Catch

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